Job Title:        Intern 1 (Fewer than 2 years experience)               

Reports To:   Project Architect, Associate Designer, or CA Administrator

Manages:       Own Effort

AIA Description:

Full-time entry-level intern on the path to licensure with fewer than two years of experience; develops design or technical solutions under the supervision of an architect.

Summary of Position at three: living architecture

The Intern 1 can expect to be a part of design discussions, design presentation, production, design documentation, construction documentation, or CA documentation. He/she will typically be under the direct supervision of a Project Architect or Associate Designer on a team but may also report to a CA Administrator, PM, Senior Designer, Principal, or a more experienced Intern. The Intern must have a general understanding of the architectural process but is expected to learn more specific knowledge on the job.

The Intern must demonstrate a willingness to be self motivated, learn, research, possess high standards, sound judgment, and professionalism. The Intern will gain knowledge from others and is considered to be in a continuous learning environment. Team support and self-motivation are primary responsibilities.

Major Responsibilities

  • Prioritizes and performs tasks assigned in Design, Production, or Construction Administration.
  • Maintains ongoing, positive, and productive relationships with staff.
  • Effectively and proactively seeks to complete the IDP requirements and ARE exams.
  • Implements the firm’s standards in all phases of the design process.
  • Develop technical architectural documents primarily in the DD and CD phases, with guidance from a Project Manager or Project Architect as part of a team.
  • Learns from each project and applies those skills to the next project.
  • Work within the schedule provided to deliver coordinated documents.
  • Work overtime if required to meet deadlines.
  • Support the Project Architect in the performance of his/her responsibilities.
  • Performs the initial document review for quality design conformance and adherence to documentation standards before asking Project Architect or Project Manager for their.
  • Plans weekly goals with Project Architect and/or Project Manager.


  • Is a graduate of an accredited architectural college or university.
  • Is proficient in Revit, CADD, Sketch Up or Rhino, Photoshop and In-Design.
  • Has a general knowledge of building systems, code requirements, occupancy requirements, and construction techniques.
  • Has sufficient oral and written skills to communicate technical conditions.
  • Manages time to meet weekly goals and alerts Project Architect if they foresee problems in schedule.

Job Requirements

This position requires a B.S. or Masters degree in Architecture or at least 4 years of relevant experience without a degree. Basic presentation skills, both verbal and graphic, are required. The Intern must be familiar with AutoCAD, Revit, Photoshop, Sketch Up, In-Design, Microsoft Office. Travel is not required.