Job Title:        Intern 2 (2 – 3 years of experience)

Reports To:   Project Architect, Associate Designer, or CA Administrator

Manages:       Own Effort, Intern 1

AIA Description:

Full-time intern on the path to licensure with two to three years of experience, works from the designs of others under supervision, and performs routine and limited architectural assignments.

Performs specific/limited portions of assignments using prescribed methods. Under general supervision, works from the design of others and performs routine architectural assignments. Limited  judgment is required on work details.  Assignments may include higher-level work for training/development purposes.

Summary of Position at three: living architecture

The Intern 2 position is akin to the position called mid-level Intern at other firms, i.e. an architectural graduate with some experience. An Intern 2 may be utilized in Design, Production, or Construction Administration and be responsible for the production of design documents, construction documents, or CA documents. He/she will typically be under the direct supervision of a Project Architect or Associate Designer on a team but may also report to an Intern 3 filling that role, a CA Administrator, PM, Senior Designer, or Principal. The Intern 2 must have a good understanding of the architectural process and is expected to continue learning specific knowledge on the job.

The Intern 2 must demonstrate a willingness to learn and possess high standards, sound judgment, and professionalism. The Intern 2 will gain knowledge from others and is expected to share that knowledge with less experienced staff. The Intern 2 should be on track to architectural registration. Team support and self-motivation are primary responsibilities.

Major Responsibilities

  • Prioritizes and performs tasks assigned in Design, Production, or Construction Administration.
  • Maintains ongoing, positive and productive relationships with staff.
  • Effectively and proactively seeks to complete the IDP requirements and ARE exams.
  • Implements the firm’s standards in all phases of the design process.
  • Develop technical architectural documents primarily in the DD and CD phases, with guidance from a Project Manager or Project Architect as part of a team.
  • Learns from each project and applies those skills to the next project.
  • Work within the schedule provided to deliver coordinated documents.
  • Work overtime if required to meet deadlines.
  • Support the Project Architect in the performance of his/her responsibilities.
  • Performs the initial document review for quality design conformance and adherence to documentation standards before asking Project Architect or Project Manager for their.
  • Plans weekly goals with Project Architect and/or Project Manager.


  • Is a graduate of an accredited architectural college or university.
  • Is proficient in Revit, CADD, Sketch Up or Rhino, Photoshop, and In-Design.
  • Has a general knowledge of building systems, code requirements, occupancy requirements, and construction techniques.
  • Has sufficient oral and written skills to communicate technical conditions.
  • Manages time to meet weekly goals and alerts Project Architect if they foresee problems in schedule.

Job Requirements

This position requires a B.S. or Masters degree in Architecture or at least 4 years of relevant experience without a degree. Basic presentation skills, both verbal and graphic, are required. The Intern must be familiar with AutoCAD, Revit, Photoshop, Sketch Up, In-Design, and Microsoft Office. Travel is not required.