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Recently, Rocky Berg, principal and director of senior living business development at three: living architecture, spoke at The Greystone Event about upcoming trends taking place within the senior living industry. He focused on how he bridges the gap between generations in a master-planned mixed-use development, makes design decisions that architecturally blend an expansion with an existing property and uses the local flavor and natural environment in the design. Kicking off the presentation was a look at Trevi Village, Greystone’s first for-profit project. The community in Charlotte, North Carolina, establishes unique design opportunities for three: living architecture. The community will be built as an anchor in a master-planned village that will also house a hotel, along with office and retail/restaurant space. The senior community, the hotel, and the office and retail space will share a large central park and fountain that connects the entire project. The architects at three: living architecture see this project as a chance to bring generations together by encouraging the residents of Trevi Village to share spaces and enjoy services provided by the other businesses, all within walking distance of the senior living community. For Gary Koerner, project design principal at three: living architecture, it is all about thinking through the proximity of the buildings and how they can work operationally together to offer the complete package for residents, hotel guests and business tenants. For example, Koerner is strategically placing a spa and wellness center in front of the hotel to attract residents from outside the village and senior residents alike. Trevi Village is designed to have a very large theatre/multi-purpose room so the hotel and local businesses can use that space for special events.