At three, we believe that every environment has a unique, powerful story to tell, one that moves the human heart. To this end, we’ve curated a methodology that actively engages with clients to craft a design narrative that captures the essence of a project, the feelings that are the very foundation of the vision. Eliciting this emotional response, a connection on a deeper level to the built space from our clients and users, is essential. It’s what compels and inspires us to live out our creed, creating design that lifts the human spirit. 

When we partner with clients to bring their ideas to life, we strive to create an aspirational, transformative experience. This is accomplished by respecting the principles, but not being afraid to push the boundaries; by passionately pursuing innovation, as well as employing rigorous research, asking defining questions, then synthesizing our findings, all the while forging strong, lasting personal relationships along the way. The result?

A proven model of creating indelible experiences that exude deep hospitality and delight, something that’s paramount for discerning clientele who yearn for soul-stirring, timeless moments–shifts and epiphanies–when inhabiting enriching, sculpted architecture.

Based in Dallas, Texas, three is a design boutique with over 35 years of experience in the hospitality, residential and senior-living environments. Our dedicated team of experts is poised to help you navigate the architectural process. From conceptual design to project completion, we’re here to team with you to shape and refine your program, while remaining sensitive to budget and schedule.

We invite you to browse our award-winning portfolio, designs that not only lift, but also liberate the human spirit.

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